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If you‘re in need of fast and reliable iPhone repair services in Katy, TX, XG Cell Phone Repair is the answer. We provide competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and highly experienced technicians to ensure your iPhone is restored to perfect working condition quickly. No matter the issue, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your iPhone back in action. We guarantee satisfaction with every repair.

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Whether you have the Latest iPhone or an old one, we repair them all.

Looking to fix your iPhone?

No matter how careful you’re with your iPhone, still, there are tendencies that it obeys the law of gravity. You may experience an unfortunate experience and your phone may end up with a cracked digitizer, damaged LCD, and a few more issues that might require repairs.

And, in case you experience something like this, you do not need to give up on your iPhone; instead, let up help you fix it fast.

Here, we provide an affordable repair service which cuts across several repair options for your Phone. Our repair service has been developed in such a way that it will help you get your cell phone back to its normal working state; whether it experiences malfunctions or breaks due to a fall.

Concerning this, the most popular activities we take on iPhone here, is the replacement of the screen. However, it is essential that you know that our repair services isn’t limited to replacing just the screen of the iPhone. We also repair other things such as charging port, batteries, and so on. 

Below are all the iPhone repair options available here at XG Cell Phone Repair:

Most Common Repairs in iPhone

  • Screen Repair

iphone screen repair

This is the most frequent service that we offer customers here at XG Cell Phone Repair. Whether you have cracked glass, non-responsive LCD, bad touch, or any other screen-related issues; we repair all iPhone screen. And, if required, we also replace the entire screen.

At our Repair shop, we have adequate and qualified technicians who are well-equipped with the right tools for the repair of your device screen. We offer fast turnaround time, irrespective of what iPhone model you have.

Consequently, due to the extensive range of models, there isn’t any fixed cost of repair for this service. This justifies why you need to contact us to get your quote.

  • Battery Replacement

Does your iPhone battery not last long enough as it should? Then, you might need to replace such a battery.

At XG Repair, we offer the battery replacement service while you wait. You will not have to leave your phone, just wait for 10-20 minutes in our waiting area and we’ll get it done right away.

However, the battery replacement costs are different for the different iPhone models. Nevertheless, trust us to get you covered with our affordable services. Please shoot us a text or email today to get a personalized quote in this regard.

  • Charging Port Repair

Sometimes, you may experience some issues while charging your device. If that’s the case, then it is advisable to replace the charging port of the phone.

If you bought and/or tested another charger and cable, and the issue persists, then you may need to service the charging port connector of your phone.

You can contact us to get a personalized quote.

  • Button Repair 

With the latest innovations in iPhone models, no matter how careful one is, there will still be situations whereby malfunctions will happen, especially the iPhone’s volume and home buttons.

Sometimes, you may find your home, volume or power buttons not working properly, or may experience delayed responses when you press it. Irrespective of what the problem may be with your iPhone’s button, our technicians at XG Cell Phone Repair are capable of solving it easily. And, the cost of repair isn’t fixed, it’s different for different models; therefore, contact us today to get a quote.

For more information you can read our detail case study on the link below or simply just call us!

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  • Free Diagnosis

Because we have such a tremendous rapport with every one of our customers, we are more than happy to offer a completely free diagnosis, so you can have total peace of mind, with regards to what needs to be fixed, and how much it would cost. This means that all you need to do is to take your iPhone into our store, and our friendly engineers are more than happy to be the first to let you know exactly what the problem is, and how much it would cost. No confusion, and certainly no inflated prices, all part of our commitment to each of our customers.

 XG Cell phone Repair will always get the job done when you need it. You know that you will receive the very highest quality treatment that permits you to rest assured, with total confidence. No more mis-trust or worrying from you, just honest, faithful & dependable Phone Repair services.


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Here at XG Cell Phone Repair, we have made it easy to avail an extensive range of repair options for your Cell Phones. We take pride in our wealth of experience and team of repair experts. We’ve got testimonials, and yours can join too!

If you need to make further inquiries about our iPhone repair services, do not hesitate to visit our contact us page.

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