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We offer fast and reliable Google Pixel repair services in Katy, Texas. Our team of skilled technicians is well-equipped to diagnose and repair any issue your Google Pixel may be facing, from cracked screens to battery replacements, charging port repairs, and more.

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Whether you have the latest model or an old one, we can repair them all.

Looking to fix your Google Pixel device?

Google is well-known for its excellence – whether it’s about being a search engine, marketing platform or a cell phone manufacturer. It turns out to be the best in every field that Google steps in.

Google Pixel phones are considered among the best Android phones out there. Whether you talk about the Camera, Screen Quality or the Performance – everything is of the top quality.

Great things come at a great price.

After all, unfortunately, these phones too can get damaged or start malfunctioning. And, it’s even more painful when it gets damaged after the warranty period.

In XG Cell Phone Repair, our expert technicians meet several of these damaged/malfunctioning phones regularly. The team uses their years of experience & practice to repair Google phones and make them perform like brand-new again.

Below are some of the common damages in the Google Phones that we see.

Google Cell Phone Repair

Most Common Google Pixel Phone Repair

Some of the most common damages in Google Pixel phones that we often come across at our store are:

  • Screen Repair/Replacement

The screen in all the smartphones is more exposed and vulnerable to damages – just a simple mistake and it’s gone.

Generally, there are 3 types of screen damages – first, the glass is broken, second, the digitizer is broken, and third, both the glass and digitizer gets damage.

And, the repair/replacement costs vary as per the kind of screen damage as well as the Google Pixel models.

  • Battery Replacement

If your Google phone’s battery doesn’t hold a charge for long enough or your phone gets off even if the battery is at 20-30%; then probably your battery’s life-span is over and you need to replace it quickly. Also, there’s no point in buying a new phone just because your batteries don’t last. we carry all batteries in stock for google pixel devices for the convenience of our customers and provide the best price for the same day service.

Again, the replacement cost depends on which model of Google pixel you have.

  • Charging Port Repair

If the charger falls automatically out of the phone’s port, the phone doesn’t charge at all or if you need to adjust the charging wire at a certain angle then you might need to repair the charging port. And, you’re not alone – most of the people have these charging port related problems.

Due to frequent usage, it gets loose and can be repaired very quickly usually the same day.

  • Button Repair

Due to regular and frequent usage, sometimes, the volume or power buttons start malfunctioning. Sometimes the buttons don’t click, sometimes don’t do anything when clicked and sometimes respond after a few seconds which gets very annoying. These repairs don’t take too much time and are extremely easy your pockets too.

That’s all but for more info. Take your damaged or malfunctioning Google Pixel phone to XG Cell Phone Repair and get it back like brand-new from our expert technicians. We provide hassle-free repair services for all the Google pixels devices and other phones as well. 

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