Cell Phone Repair Columbus, TX

If you need a cell phone repair in Columbus, TX, XG Cell Phone Repair is the best choice. XG Cell Phone Repair offers repair services for all major brands of cell phones, like iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, and HTC. Their certified technicians, great customer service, and competitive rates make XG Cell Phone Repair the perfect place for all your cell phone repair needs.

Services Offer XG Cell Phone Repair

Phone Screen Repair

We provide screen repair services for all major phone brands in Columbus, TX, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and others. We comprehend the inconvenience caused by a broken phone screen and strive to offer speedy and effective repairs to restore your phone to its normal state as soon as possible. Our team of technicians utilizes premium replacement parts to guarantee that your phone’s appearance and functionality remain intact after the damage is fixed. We take pride in our work and offer a warranty on all screen repairs.


Battery Replacement

XG Cell Phone Repair is the solution to your phone’s battery life issues. Our skilled technicians can replace your old battery with a new one, guaranteeing that your phone retains its charge and operates at its best. We utilize top-of-the-line replacement batteries and adhere to industry-standard procedures to ensure that your phone is both safe and functional. Experience extended battery life and uninterrupted phone use with XG Cell Phone Repair. Don’t allow a dead battery to limit you – visit XG Cell Phone Repair for a fast and effortless battery replacement.

Water Damage Repair


we recognize that water damage is a common and frustrating issue faced by many cell phone users, often resulting in costly repairs. We understand the significance of your phone in your daily life and are equipped with specialized techniques to address this problem. Our skilled technicians conduct a thorough assessment of the damage and use cutting-edge equipment to eliminate any moisture that can exacerbate the issue. We have extensive experience repairing water damage for all major cell phone brands, ensuring that your device is restored to its optimal state. Don’t let water damage compromise your phone’s functionality – rely on the expertise of XG Cell Phone Repair to restore it quickly and effectively. Contact XG Cell Phone Repair if you need water damage cell phone repair services in Columbus, TX.

Charging Port Repair

we specialize in repairing various charging issues, such as damaged charging ports and loose connections. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped to handle a range of charging port repairs, ensuring your phone functions seamlessly once again. We prioritize the use of top-quality parts and tools to guarantee that your repair is long-lasting. Additionally, we offer quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, minimizing the time you have to spend without your phone. Get in touch with us today for reliable charging port repair services in Columbus, TX.

Button Repair

If you’re experiencing issues with one of your phone’s buttons, bring it to XG Cell Phone Repair. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair a range of button-related issues, including broken buttons and sticky buttons. We use high-quality replacement parts and specialized tools to ensure that your phone’s buttons work like new again. In addition to repairs, we can also provide cleaning and maintenance services to keep your phone functioning smoothly. With our quick turnaround times and competitive prices, you can trust XG Cell Phone Repair to provide top-notch button repair services for all your cell phone needs.

Camera Repair 

Our proficient technicians possess extensive experience in fixing phone cameras, utilizing solely top-quality replacement parts. We can proficiently address a wide range of camera-related concerns, ranging from shattered lenses to software glitches. Our camera repair services are prompt, dependable, and reasonably priced. Don’t let a damaged camera compromise your phone’s functionality – entrust it to us, and we’ll restore it to its former glory. To schedule an appointment for your phone camera repair, kindly contact us today.

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