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Computers are amazing.

Can you imagine a world without computers? Probably, no.

It’s an intelligently sophisticated piece of tech which has made our lives easier and gone are those days when only big organizations could afford computers.

From the last 2 decades, computers have made themselves to the houses of common consumers and are continuing to do so.

Computers are not just a rectangular thing that sits on your desk anymore. It’s everywhere – from smartphones to fridges to cars. According to a report, by the end of 2020, there will be 4 computer devices for every human on earth.

XG Cell Phone Repair is contributing to the revolution by providing excellent computer repair service at Katy, TX at affordable prices. We have a team of experienced professionals who are capable of fixing your computers easily.

Computer Repair

Types of Computers We Repair


No matter which brand laptop you have, our expert techs can repair them all. Whether it is HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, or any other; take it to us and get it back repaired.


Whether you have an assembled laptop or any branded desktop, if it’s is malfunctioning then our techs can fix that at a very affordable price.


If your Macbook is out of the warranty, then getting it repaired from the Apple Store might cost you a lot of money. We recommend getting your Macbooks repaired from us for better pricing.

Computer Problems We Fix


If the screen or monitor of your computer is not functioning properly or has green/black lines over it.

Keyboard Repair/Replacement

If any key has come out from the keyboard or it’s not typing anything when you press any button.

Fan Replacement

If the fan of your desktop/laptop is not working and the device is overheating.

Battery Replacement

If your laptop’s battery is not performing up to the mark then replacing it will make your laptop work like new again.

Cleaning Service

It is highly recommended that you should your laptop or desktop device cleaned once every year.

Software Issues

If your device is having any kinds of software related issues then we perform complete anti-virus scan and fix the issue.

Other Hardware Issue

Any other common hardware related issues can also be fixed at our store.

What should You Expect from Us?

  • Affordable Price
  • Quick Turn-around Time
  • OEM Standard Parts
  • Experienced Professionals

If you are looking for any kinds of Computer Repair Services in Katy, TX then visit our store and join our hundreds of happy and satisfied customer base.

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Computer/Laptop Problems We Fix

At XG Repair, we examine computers & laptops and repair them very carefully, no matter what the problem is.

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