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We offer a fast and reliable repair service for HTC smartphones in Katy, TX. With our fast turnaround times, you won’t have to be without your HTC smartphone for long. Our goal is to complete most repairs on the same day, minimizing the disruption to your daily routine and allowing you to get back to your busy life as soon as possible. Trust us to handle your HTC smartphone repairs with speed and precision, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your device is in good hands.

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HTC Phones We Repair

Whether you have the latest model or an old one, we can repair them all.

Looking for HTC Phone Repair?

HTC “high Tech Computers” is a well-known name in high-quality and premium Android phone manufacturing industry. It’s been around since 1997 and has come a far way since then.

Sometimes, the phone can get damaged, and you might need to get it repaired to continue using it. Damages or issues can be related to the screen, charging port, volume button, power button, battery, software-related etc. and any one of these damages can ruin your smartphone experience.

At XG Cell Phone Repair, we have a team of experienced technicians who are amazing at HTC phone repair and fix any problems as soon as possible.

Types of HTC Phone Repair

We get several of these HTC repair cases at our store in Katy on a regular basis. And, some of the most common repairs that we often come across are:

HTC Screen Repair

Well, there are different types of screen-related issues that HTC phones face. And, most of the screen issues arise due to the falling of the phone on the ground.

There are 3 main causes of screen damage:

  • Screen glass is broken
  • LCD is broken
  • Digitizer is broken

Sometimes, it just might need to be repaired but, sometimes, it needs to be replaced completely. At XG Cell Phone Repair, we fix all these issues quickly at affordable pricing.

And, the HTC Screen Repair Pricing entirely depends upon the HTC model that you want to get repaired.

HTC Phone Repair

HTC Battery Replacement

Due to regular usage and frequent charging-discharging of the phone, battery performance slowly decreases and you need to charge your phone several times within a day. Sometime, the phone gets turned off even at 20-40% of battery.

All these indications show that you need to replace your HTC battery.

Earlier it was easier to replace batteries, as there were external batteries. But, now all the batteries are internal, and you need to take your phone to a trusted local phone repair store and get your batteries replaced.

Charging Port Related Issues

Whether the USB charger has become loose, or the phone is not charging at all, or you have to hold the wire at a certain angle to charge your phone; you have charging port-related issue and it needs to be fixed before it gets any worse.

Replacing a charging port doesn’t cost too much and can be done within an hour by our expert technicians.

Button Related Issues

We don’t even realize how many times those power and volume buttons are pressed every day. According to Dailymail, an average user checks his phone 110 times a day.

And, due to repetitive use, sometimes, the buttons become faulty and do not work properly as it should normally.

In that case, these need to be repaired or replaced as per the requirements. HTC button repair doesn’t take too much time and can be repaired within 30 minutes by our expert techs at XG Cell Phone Repair.

Other Common Issues

Our experts are capable of fixing any kinds of smartphone-related issues like software malfunction, no or less sound coming from speakers, no voice is heard during calls, etc.

If you face any of the above-mentioned issues then just take your faulty HTC phone at our repair shop in Katy, TX and take it back like it was new. With affordable pricing and quick turn-around time, we offer 7-days money-back guarantee on all our repairs.

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