Apple Watch Screen Repair
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We provide fast and reliable Apple Watch screen repair services to ensure your device is up and running again in no time. Our highly experienced team of technicians possesses the expertise and knowledge needed to diagnose and repair a range of Apple Watch screen issues. Whether you have a cracked or scratched screen, a malfunctioning display, or any other problem, we use only the highest quality replacement parts and the latest tools and techniques to ensure a quick and effective repair.

Apple Watches We Repair

Whether you have the latest model or an old one, we can repair them all.

Looking for Apple Watch Repair?

Has your favorite Apple Watch stopped working?

Modern-day smartwatches like the Apple Watch are a great piece of tech using which you can take all your songs to the gym, message and call right from the watch, track your fitness and a lot more…

However, it is quite unfortunate that when the watch gets damaged or cease to function, it feels like you have lost some indifferentiable part of your life. And, without the watch, it feels like you’re missing something.

You can take the watch to us and we will do the hard work to fix your Apple Watch. At XG Cell Phone Repair, our highly-skilled technicians can fix your watch no matter what the problem is.

Instead of sending your iWatch for battery or screen repair or replacement or any other issue, we suggest you bring it to our store and take your Apple Watch home like it was never damaged.

Our turnaround time is also a lot faster, and for some common repairs, you will get your device back within an hour.

Please note that we use OEM standard parts only.

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Apple Watch Repair

Most Common Repairs in an Apple Watch

Some of the most common that we often come across are:

  • Apple Watch Screen Repair
  • Apple Watch Battery Replacement

Apple Watch Screen Repair

Having a damaged or broken screen is one of the most common issues that the Apple watches are plagued with. We provide iWatch screen repair services for all models and generations of Apple Watches.

Here at XG Cell Phone Repair, our technicians are always on deck to attend to you with a speedy turnaround – before you know it, your favourite Apple Watch Screen is restored to normal again!

What is the cost of Apple Watch screen repair?

Well, to be honest, the repair cost isn’t the same always. It varies as per the different models and generations of the Apple Watch.

However, if you think the simple crack on the screen is a kind of manufacturing defect then you might get your watch fixed for free at Apple Care.

But, if it’s out of warranty and then there are some problems with the screen then we suggest you to take your device to us. Here, you will get your screen repaired/replaced at a very affordable price.

Apple Watch Battery Replacement

In a situation when your Apple Watch doesn’t charge, irrespective of how long or often you charge it – your device needs to be fixed. 

Here, we will help you either replace the battery or repair the existing one, all in the bid of restoring the Apple Watch to its lifespan when it was new.

How much does the Apple Watch battery replacement cost?

Again, as mentioned above, the repair/replacement cost isn’t fixed. It is different for the different models of the Apple Watch.

That’s it.

Just take your faulty Apple Watch to XG Cell Phone Repair, and our expert technicians will turn it like it was brand new, and that too ASAP.

Also, we also have expertise in iPhone Repair, iPad Repair and Macbook Repair.

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