iPhone XR Repair

If your iPhone XR screen is cracked or shattered, don’t worry, we can fix it. Our expert technicians will replace your broken screen with a high-quality replacement that matches the original specifications of your device. We also provide battery replacement services to restore your iPhone XR’s battery life, so you can stay connected all day long.

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iPhone XR Screen Repair

Generally, there are 3 types of screen damages that can occur in your iPhone XR device. These 3 common screen damages are:

  • Glass is broken
  • Digitizer is broken
  • Both glass & digitizer is broken

And, in all of these three cases, you need to either repair (if it is repairable) or replace your phone’s screen.

We (XG Cell Phone Repair) offer iPhone XR Screen Repair services at very affordable prices in Katy, Texas. Also, our iPhone XR Screen Replacement service is very quick and you can take your phone back the same day.

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

If your iPhone XR is facing battery related issues then it must be among one of the below cases:

  • Battery doesn’t last enough
  • Phone doesn’t charge at all
  • Phone turns off even if the battery is 20-30%

If your phone relates to any of the above mentioned cases, then, probably it’s battery needs to be replaced. Due to frequent charging batteries performance drastically decrease.

We offer iPhone XR Battery Replacement service at a very affordable price and same day service is available too.

iPhone XR Button Repair

We don’t realize how many times power or volume buttons are pressed in our phones. And, due to that, sometimes, phone’s buttons start malfunctioning.

Commonly, below are the button related problems that occur in iPhone XR:

  • Power button not working properly
  • Volume button not working properly

Sometimes, they work after pressing 4-5 times and sometimes don’t work at all.

We do all kinds of iPhone XR Button Repair at cheaper prices and same day service is available too.

iPhone XR Repair

If you have a iPhone XR device and you’re facing any of the below mentioned problems then you should consider visiting us:

Or, any other.

Get your device to our store in Katy, Tx and our expert technicians will do all the magic fixing your iPhone XR device.

What is the Cost of iPhone XR Screen Repair?

iPhone XR Screen Repair cost is $95.

What is the Cost of iPhone XR Battery Replacement?

The iPhone XR Battery Replacement cost is $59.99.

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