Terms and Conditions

XG Cell Phone Repair, provides Life-Time mobile device hardware and labor warranty on the services and parts provided unless otherwise stated. The warranty does not cover future accidents nor does it cover water damaged devices. We are not responsible for any prior residual damage or any data loss. The warranty covers non-user related issues. The customer has 30 days after the actual repair is completed to collect the device. If the device cannot be collected within 30 days, the customer must notify staff when the device will be collected. If the customer fails to notify the staff or pick the device up, XG Cell Phone Repair will recycle it. We offer a 7-day returns guarantee on most items. (We’re nice like that.) So, if you’re not happy with the quality of repair or service. Just bring it back and we can refund you immediately. However, it may take 3 – 5 days for your bank to process the money if paid via card. You just need these 2 things:
  • Your proof of purchase (if you lost it doesn’t worry, we will be able to find it on our system)
  • The Part should be unused, in its original condition.
  • Rooting or modifying stock OS or firmware Voids ALL warranties
What’s not covered:
  • Any Services we provided which cannot be reversed such as Software repairs, Water Damage repairs, unlocking, Logic Board Repair and our Glass repair service.
  • Rooting or modifying stock OS or firmware Voids ALL warranties
  • Physical damage, and unauthorized tampering or repair