iPhone X Screen Repair

If you have an iPhone X in Katy, TX that needs repair, we can help. Our affordable services cover everything from cracked screens to battery replacements, and our highly skilled technicians are prepared to tackle any issue your device is facing.

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iPhone X Screen Repair

Why do you need iPhone X Screen Repair?

Well, iPhones nowadays are a sophisticated piece of technology, but are still very fragile. A single fall-down and it’s all broken.

The screen damages in iPhone are generally related to broken front glass, broken digitizer or both glass & digitizer broken. And, any of these cases makes your phone unusable. Or, even if you keep using that way, it may be dangerous as small glass pieces can enter into your fingers.

Even if your device is in warranty, you will be charged heavily at the Apple Stores.

At XG Cell Phone Repair, we offer iPhone X Screen Repair services at a very affordable price.

We use only OEM standard parts and provide lifetime warranty on our repairs.

iPhone X Battery Replacement

There are still a lot of technological advancements are needed in the field of smartphone batteries.

Yes, almost all the current smartphones show a huge decrease in the battery performance after a year or more. You need to charge it multiple times a day and sometimes it gets off even when the battery is 20-30%.

All the batteries have a certain life cycle and when it reaches their, performance decreases drastically.

And, no, you don’t need to take a new iPhone just because your battery doesn’t last enough.

Our excellent team of technicians the same-day iPhone X Battery Replacement service in Katy TX.

Just take your iPhone X with null or weak battery to us and take it back like it was a new iPhone.

iPhone X Button Repair

Thank god that the newer iPhones have lesser buttons.

Yes, the buttons problems in iPhones and in most of the other smartphones was a huge problem.

You left the phone in your bed last night and voila, your home button is not working any more.😄 Now, most of the phones do not have home button but the problem is still there with power and volume buttons.

Buttons problems are of different types, sometimes it doesn’t work at all, it works after pressing a few times and sometimes it works after 5 seconds of pressing it.

However, getting your iPhone X Button Repair only takes 30 minutes at our store in Katy. You can visit our shop directly or book an appointment by calling us or by filling up this form.

iPhone X Repair

Maybe iPhones are manufactured in a way that you need to upgrade even when you don’t want to.😬

As soon as the 1-year warranty expires, it seems all the problems are getting attracted towards the phone.

Whether you’re having a problem related to the:

  • charging port
  • main & secondary speakers
  • main & secondary microphones
  • camera and flash 
  • software
our team of experienced technicians are able to fix it all for you.
We are the only cell phone repair shop in Katy which offer lifetime warranty on all the repairs.

What is the Cost of iPhone X Screen Repair?

iPhone X Screen Repair cost is $120.

What is the Cost of iPhone X Battery Replacement?

The iPhone X Battery Replacement cost is $59.99.

iPhone X Screen Repair

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