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If you’re in need of Apple Macbook screen repair services in Katy, TX, look no further than our highly experienced team at XG Cell Phone Repair. We understand the importance of having a functioning laptop in today’s fast-paced world, and that’s why we specialize in providing fast and reliable MacBook screen repair services. Our skilled technicians possess the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and fix a range of MacBook screen issues, from cracks and scratches to display malfunctions.

Apple Macbooks We Repair

Whether you have the latest model or an old one, we can repair them all.

Looking for Macbook Repair?

A Macbook is a very sophisticated piece of tech which can often malfunction or get damaged – no matter how careful you are.

Thousands of components, along with some moving parts, are there in a Macbook. Also, millions of lines of written code that makes your laptop work flawlessly.

But, sometimes, some unfortunate things do happen, and your Macbook might need repair.

Here, at XG Repair, we come across several Macbooks regularly which need repairs. Some of the very common repairs that we experience are:

Macbook Repair

Most Common Damages in a Macbook

If your device is still covered under the warranty provided by Apple, then you shouldn’t worry if anything goes wrong. But, if your device is out of warranty then the real problem starts.

If you take your out-of-warranty laptop to the AppleCare, they charge a lot. Visiting any local trusted Macbook repair store is the best option. With that said, XG Repair is Katy’s no. 1 electronics repair shop since 2014.

First, let’s get to the issues:

  • Boot-up Issue

Sometimes, the laptop fails to start and this can happen due to multiple reasons. However, if you experience this, first, try pressing the power button multiple times and if it still doesn’t turn on, then plug in your Mac and then press the power button.

And, if it still doesn’t boot-up then your Mac might need to be repaired. Like said earlier, you can take it to Apple store if it’s still in warranty and to a trusted local repair shop if it’s out of warranty.

  • Charging Issues

Macbooks have become an integrated part of our daily lives, whether you’re in college or work in an office. And, with the long-time uses, associated is the repetitive charging.

Due to frequent removal and insertion of the charger into the charging port, it might get loose or there might be some other problems which can cause problems with the charging.

These charging related problems are not major ones and can be fixed in no time.

  • Software Related Issues

No doubts that the software related problems are more common than the hardware-related ones in an Apple Macbook.

Whether any app is not responsive, the laptop has been hacked, bluetooth-wifi doesn’t work or any other software related issues need proper care. If ignored, in some cases, they may even erase your whole Mac.

  • Screen Related Issues

Due to a fall, if the screen of your Macbook may get damaged and you’re not able to see anything on the screen or if your screen has turned blank or green suddenly then you might need to replace your laptop’s screen.

Again, if it’s out of warranty then going to a trusted local Macbook repair shop like us, is highly recommended instead of keep using the broken laptop.

  • Battery Issue

If the battery is not holding up the charge or the laptop turns off even on 20-40% battery then you should consider replacing your Macbook’s battery.

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