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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable Samsung repair shop in Katy, Texas? Look no further than our Samsung repair center! Our experienced technicians provide comprehensive repair services for all Samsung cell phone devices at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of services, including screen repair and replacement, battery replacement, water damage repair, charging port and headphone jack repair, software updates, and more for Samsung cell phones. Call us today to schedule your repair or get a free repair estimate.

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Samsung Smartphones We Repair

Whether you have the latest model or an old one, we can repair them all.

Looking to fix Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Got your screen cracked? Or, the power button is not working? Or, got any other issues in your Samsung cell phone?

Well, at XG Cell Phone Repair, we offer all kinds of Samsung phones repair irrespective of the model number.

Below are some of the main problems related to Samsung cell phones that we often come across at our store.

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Types of Samsung Repairs that We Experience

1. Samsung Screen Repair

There are three main cases of screen damage in Samsung Galaxy Phones.

  • Touch screen not working
  • Blank, cracked or white LCD
  • Damaged LCD and Digitizer

And, in any of the above cases, the device stops working normally.

If the device has a blank or white LCD then it might get resolved just by replacing the LCD of your phone. Similarly, the digitizer can also be simply replaced if damaged.

However, most of the times, both the digitizer & LCD get smashed and they both need to be replaced in order for the phone to work normally.

The repair costs varies as per the different Samsung cell phone models. But, generally, you should get your screen fixed averagely at a price slightly above $100.

2. Button Problems

Due to regular use, it might be the case that your power button, volume button, lock button, home button etc. isn’t working properly.

Whether the buttons in your Samsung cell phone are broken, stuck or not responding, we can repair them easily. And, in most of the cases those are repaired within 30 minutes and handed-back to you the same day.

3. Charging Port Issues

If your Samsung phone fails to charge, has loose charging port or charger, or the charger automatically falls from the USB charging port; then there might be some minor issues with your charging port.

We examine the phone carefully and let you know whether you need to change any component or just repairing would get it working.

Most of these kind of issues are fixed the same day.

4. Battery Replacement

If you phone fails to hold a charge or suffers from a quick battery drain even after been charged fully, or the phone switches off when the battery goes low; then most likely, there’s an issue with the battery of you Samsung device.

Our battery replacement service is quick, pocket friendly and affordable.

5. SIM Issues

However, these cases are not so frequent but still, sometimes the cell phone doesn’t display signal, or the SIM cards don’t work at all.

We fix all kinds of SIM related issues in the Samsung phones.

6. Audio Issues

Whether you’re finding it hard to hear sounds, or you can’t even hear anything at all, or you can’t hear the other end when on call, or the people on the other end can also not hear you when on call; then most likely there’s an issue with the Audio Connections/Settings of your Samsung phone.

In some extreme cases, you might need to replace your phone’s speaker as well, and the pricing will depend upon that.

7. Alert Issues

If your phone doesn’t vibrate even when the vibration is turned on from the settings, then there is most likely an alert issue with your device.

Take your device to us and you will get it fixed the very day.

8. Camera Issues

Sometimes, the Samsung phones say “Camera Failed”, or the camera goes black while clicking, or the flashlight gets activated automatically. In these cases your phone’s camera needs to be repaired/replaced before it get any worse.

9. Faulty Accessories

Whether you are having issues connecting phone accessories to/with your Samsung Device, then the ports of such an accessory might be faulty. Be it your charger, headphones, SIM Cards, a Bluetooth device, USB, or even OTG devices; we can help you fix those whether it’s related to the software or hardware.

XG Cell Phone Repairs offer an extensive range of repair options for your Samsung mobile Phones. We take pride in our more than 15 years of experience and team of repair experts. We’ve got thousands of happy customers and you’d be happy too.

Samsung Cell Phone Repair

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