iPhone Screen Repair – What to Do if Your iPhone Screen is Damaged

The screen of your iPhone is amazing only when it’s in your hands, and cannot remain so if the cell phone is smashed or dropped on the floor.

Apple replaces your screen for free only if it is due to a manufacturing defect. A single crack line on the screen might be the result of a manufacturing defect. But, if your iPhone is damaged badly then most likely you will not get free repair services from Apple.

And, most of the times, it is not just the screen which gets damaged. Modern iPhones come with several features like fingerprint scanner and digitizer etc. under the LCD and the glass.

If there are only a few scratches on the screen then getting iPhone screen repair is a better choice. But, if the screen is damaged badly then it’s recommended to get your iPhone screen replaced.

A damaged screen also destroys the water protection feature and a single drop of water on the screen can make the situation worse.

And, when it comes to the iPhone X screens, they too are vulnerable as all-glass material gets shattered when touches the ground.

Broken iPhone

Reasons of Screen Damage

Have you ever imagined how many phone screens are smashed every second? You probably hadn’t until you dropped your phone.

A research conducted via SquareTrade suggests that almost 5,761 screens are broken every hour in the America itself. While you look for iPhone screen repair near me, let us tell you that almost 65% of people do not get their screens fixed. But that does not mean that you should also avoid repairing them.

If the screen is damaged badly, it leaves you at certain health and financial risks. What you need to do is to count yourself among the rest of 35% who get their iPhone screens fixed.

Followings are the main reasons for iPhone screen damages:

  • The Modern Vulnerable Designs

The modern cell phones are coming with more glass concentrated body which are attractive but vulnerable. Designers design phones which meet the needs of customers. The customers want to have bigger screens with slim styles and durability. But this combination cannot be met.

As a result, delicate phones are manufactured. When these phones touch the ground, more or less cracks become obvious on the screen.

  • Elastic Energy in Phone Glass

Have you ever imagined why a scratch does not shatter your phone screen, but when it drops on the floor, it is smashed?

It is because of elastic energy. When a phone drops on ground, the elastic energy of glass converts into surface energy which is further responsible for the breakings.

  • Absence of Screen Protector

If your smartphone does not have a screen protector, the chances of broken screen almost gets doubled. Several customers, when come for repairing iPhones, say that they didn’t have protectors.

Thus, an iPhone without protector may cause you to go for replacing an iPhone screen. So, we recommend you to use glass protectors which might save you a lot of money.

  • A Better Future for iPhones

Modern phones like iPhone X and iPhone 11 are using OLED, which is made up of plastic while the LCD consists of crystal materials. Though they are expensive but depict the better future of the mobile industry.

These are fulfilling the customer’s requirement of a large and durability at the same time.

Broken iPhone Screen

Steps to Do if Your iPhone is Damaged

In case you dropped your phone, and now its screen is damaged, there is an amount of care you need to adapt. As mentioned earlier that a large number of people do not bother to repair their phones.

But it is highly recommended to go for repairing your iPhones if they are damaged badly. Using smashed phones can put you at certain risks.

Following are the steps that you need to take care of:

  • Don’t Let The Cracks Increase

In case you dropped your phone and it suffered only a hairline crack, you need to put it back in order to avoid more damage.

Getting your cell phone screen repaired at that time can cost you less if there are a few cracks because the techs at Apple can take this as manufacturing default. There are chances that you will get iPhone repair in zero fees.

  • Do Not Use Your Phone When it is Cracked

If your phone is sleek and shiny screen is crashed badly, avoid swiping it as you usually do. You should not use it because a smashed screen puts your fingers at risk of being cut from edgy glass.

Phones release radio frequencies from their screens. This can also be harmful to you as the International Agency for Research on Cancer alarmed about such waves.

You should use another phone if your iPhone is poorly smashed or you have sent it for repair. It may take one or two days (depends on the technician) till you get your cell phone back.

  • Your Prior Caution can Save You

As mentioned earlier that you can get your iPhone fixed for free if the technician is satisfied that this is a manufacturing defect but that comes with your prior caution.

You can claim a manufacturing defect in a year after buying a new iPhone. However, AppleCare Plus – a subscription – can cover you for two years in respect of manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

  • Back-up Data of Device

If the warranty of your phone has expired and you didn’t avail AppleCare+ also, you are likely to be looking to repair your iPhone nearby. Before going to a third party like us, we recommend you to back up all of your data.

There are, though very few, chances that your data will be lost.

Ready to go? Give your phone to a technician for repairing iPhones.

Several people complain that nearby repair stores charges a high amount of money or the local guy can’t be trustworthy. We (XG Repair) intend to explore several ways for iPhone screen repair and replacement.

Should You Repair Your Screen by Yourself

Should You Repair Your Phone by Yourself?

There are certain factors you need to consider when you decide to repair on your own. Maybe you have motivated yourself with the quote that you can do everything. But that doesn’t apply at repairing iPhones. The screen repair requires high technical knowledge of iPhone hardware – not possessed by everyone. We do not recommend you to go for repairing iPhones by yourself.

However, you can repair a phone if you have experience of working at an Apple store or any phone repair shop. The possession of a special toolkit is also necessary when you are doing it on your own. A careful and concentrated mind towards repairing is required; otherwise, a tiny mistake can give you a useless iPhone.

In case you have screwed your phone, which is not recommended by us – and later on, you realized that your phone was in warranty. If you go to the Apple store now, they will not entertain you. Your warranty surely stands a chance of being void and your phone worthless.

So, as mentioned earlier, we recommend you to go to a trustworthy shop or apple store for repairing or replacing an iPhone screen.

  • Local Apple Store

If your iPhone is damaged and you are looking for iPhone repair store, the best option can be to go to the Apple Store. And, please keep these two things in mind:

Firstly, if you bought your phone within a year and its screen is smashed, you can count on the Apple store. They will repair it for free only if they are satisfied that this is a manufacturing defect.

Secondly, if you have paid the subscription of AppleCare+, they’ve got you covered for two years. You can get your iPhone X repaired at the Apple store in just $29.

Thirdly, if the warranty time has passed and now you go to the Apple Store, you might end up paying a lot of money. To repair an iPhone X without warranty or AppleCare+ subscription, the current costs are $279.

For iPhone 7 and 6s, the Apple Stores charges $149. While these phones could have been repaired in just 29$ had they been in warranty or covered by AppleCare+.

As it is obvious, you need to take a look either at the warranty or your pocket if you want to repair an iPhone.

  • Local Repair Shop

iPhones are in demand these days as the market for iPhones has boomed, so do the repairing shops where you can get your smartphones repaired.

Generally, people recommend not going to a local store. But that is quite unreasonable. Apple Stores cost you a lot for repairing an iPhone if it is out of warranty. Such an iPhone can be repaired at a local shop in much fewer bucks.

There are several local repairing shops which provide guarantee of repairing for a certain time. It means that if you faced the same issue again, you could go back to the repairing shop and they will repair the defect for free. We recommend researching such local stores and then go for them.

Are You Looking for iPhone Screen Repair Nearby?

If your iPhone has accidentally dropped on the ground, you can always count on XG Repair. We provide the best services for repairing iPhones.

iPhone related services that we provide:

  • iPhone repair

Whether you have dropped your phone, or water has entered to the phone and it’s showing a black screen; you can contact us with any issue that you’re facing with your phone.

  • iPhone fix screen

If the screen of your phone is damaged and you are looking for an iPhone screen fix, send us your query. We, professionals, will turn your iPhone as it was never broken.

Bottom Line

Sometimes dropping your iPhone might result in crashing the cameras also. You wouldn’t like to take pictures that come with cracks and in certain cases, cameras even go blank. Your phone may not be on the warranty. It is not always convenient for you to pay the prices that Apple stores charge if the phone is not in warranty.

It is not necessary to buy a new phone only because your old one’s screen has broken. Replacing an iPhone screen is not that much costly as to buy a new phone. The local stores are too abundant everywhere. But their existence cannot guarantee that you will get satisfactory services.

However, you can always count on us when it comes to repairing an iPhone because of our professional technicians and countrywide customer base.

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