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XG Cell Phone Repair is a reliable and trustworthy cell phone repair service provider in Katy, Texas. Specializing in LG phone repair, We offers fast and efficient solutions for any problems with your LG smartphone. Our team of experienced technicians uses only high-quality parts and tools to ensure the best possible repair outcomes.

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LG Smartphones We Repair

Whether you have the latest model or an old one, we can repair them all.

Looking for LG Phone Repair?

LG Electronics is not just known for making smartphones but a lot of other advanced electronics like monitors and refrigerators. It is a South Korean company which was established in 1958. And, now it has become a leading flagship smartphone manufacturer company in the market.

But… no matter how costly or attractive your LG phone is, accidents can happen and your phone can get damaged. Whether the damage is related to the screen, battery, buttons, or power; if you keep using your phone in the damaged condition then the condition can get worse and it might not be reparable.

At XG Cell Phone Repair, Katy, we have a whole team of trained and experienced professionals who are great at LG phone repair. No matter what the problem is and which model LG phone you have, they can fix them all.

LG Phone Repair

Types of LG Phone Repair

As a local cell phone repair store based in Katy, TX, we come across a lot of LG phone-related repairs at our shop. Some of the most common repairs that we often see are:

LG Screen Repair

When we say screen damage, it includes the broken glass, broken LCD and damaged digitizer. In some case, the phone just needs repairs and sometimes, it needs to be replaced.

LG screen replacement doesn’t take much time and the repair/replacement costs are different as per the different LG phone models.

Our expert techs can repair your LG phone screen at a very affordable price and you can take it back the same day.

Power-related Repairs

Power-related issues includes charging port repairs, LG battery replacement or repair, or charger related issues.

Whether you’re having some difficulty with charging or you need to charge your phone several times a day; all these issues are fixable and you don’t need to dump your phone. Instead, getting it repaired will make it function like it was new.

LG Button Repair

If not home button, almost every smartphone has a power and volume button and due to frequent usage they start malfunctioning and become an irritating problem.

These button related repairs do not take a lot of time and our experts can get these done the same day at affordable pricing.

Other Smartphone Repairs

Not only screen and battery repair, we are capable of fixing any kinds of LG phone related issues. Whether it related to charging port, volume button, home button, touch-screen, charge holding, fingerprint scanner, viruses, or any other common phone related issues; our technicians can fix them all.

If you have any of the mentioned issues with your phone, just take it to our store XG Cell Phone Repair in Katy, TX and get your phone back like it was new. Call now to get a pricing estimate.

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