Taking your phone for repairs to the brand’s service center is only justified if the cell phone is covered under warranty. Otherwise, they charge a lot of money and it isn’t always affordable.

We, at XG Cell Phone Repair, offer affordable and fast cell phone repair services which you can avail in Katy, Texas.

In case you’re looking to get yours repaired, here’s the Cell Phone Repair Cost for all Brands.

Cell Phone Repair Cost

Cell Phone Repair Cost

Here, we have just listed the popular brands/models. If your cell phone is not listed in the below table that doesn’t mean that we don’t repair that model.

Brand/Model Name Screen Repair Cost Battery Replacement Cost
iPhone 13 $400 $109.99
iPhone 13 Mini $400 $109.99
iPhone 13 Pro $400 $109.99
iPhone 13 Pro Max $400 $109.99
iPhone 12 $250 $59.99
iPhone 12 Pro $250 $59.99
iPhone 11 $120 $59.99
iPhone 11 Pro $200 $59.99
iPhone 11 Pro Max $250 $59.99
iPhone X $120 $59.99
iPhone XS $120 $59.99
iPhone XS Pro $165 $59.99
iPhone XR $95 $59.99
iPhone 8 $59.99 $49.99
iPhone 8 Plus $69.99 $49.99
iPhone 7 $49.99 $49.99
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 $310 $89.99
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ $350 $89.99
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 $250 $89.99
Samsung Galaxy S9 $179.99 $79.99
Samsung Galaxy S8 $179.99 $79.99

Please note that these price may change time-to-time. Please contact us for accurate pricing and TAT.


Yes, XG Cell Phone Repair offers repair services for the cell phones of all brands.

No, there are no hidden charges for anything. The price mentioned is the table above is the only price you have to pay. But… please note that the prices may change time-to-time, please contact us for updated information.

We offer cell phone repair services ranging from screen repair, battery replacement, and camera repair to button, charging ports, and speakers repair.


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