iPhone 7 Screen Repair

Fast and Affordable iPhone 7 Screen Repair and Battery Replacement Service in Katy TX.

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iPhone 7 Screen Repair

When you are:

  • getting into your car
  • riding a bike
  • running or jogging
  • or, simply web-surfing

and, your phone slips-off of your hands or from your pocket – it gets broken most of the times.

And, whether just the glass has been broken or just the digitizer or the both, the phone becomes completely unusable.

At XG Cell Phone Repair, Katy, we replace iPhone 7 Screens with any kinds of damages. Just take your phone to our store and our expert techs will make it like new within just an hour.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

How nice that would be if iPhone 7 batteries could last forever or even just a week!

Well, that’s like a dream for sure – that doesn’t happen.

Due to frequent and constant charging the battery performance decreases and some of the symptoms are:

  • Decrease in the battery backup
  • You need to charge multiple times a day
  • The phone switches off at 20-30% battery
  • The battery drains quickly, etc.

And, if you’re facing any of these problems then replacing your iPhone 7 battery would be a better option.

Again, we can do that at our store in Katy, TX.

iPhone 7 Button Repair

Modern smartphones have a very few buttons nowadays, and sometimes they start malfunctioning.

For example, power button doesn’t respond by clicking once. You have to click it 3-4 times.

And, the same problem might occur with the volume button.

If you are facing any problem related to the phone’s buttons, then take it to us and avail our excellent iPhone 7 button repair service. Your phone will start working like new within no time.

iPhone 7 Repair

And, why just the screen, battery and buttons; if your phone has:

  • front speaker issue
  • main speaker issue
  • microphone issue
  • charging port issue
  • software related issue
  • or, any other issue

Just take your phone to our store in Katy and get it repaired by our expert technicians within the same day.

What is the Cost of iPhone 7 Screen Repair?

iPhone 7 Screen Repair cost is $49.99.

What is the Cost of iPhone 7 Battery Replacement?

The iPhone 7 Battery Replacement cost is $49.99.

iPhone 7 Screen Repair

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