Broken Glass on Back of iPhone? Here’s What To Do

The back glass is one of the features that makes today’s iPhones so appealing. But the downside is, it also makes them extremely fragile.

If you own an iPhone 8 or newer, there’s a good chance you’ve shattered the back glass at some point. The good news is: you’re not alone, it happens to even the most careful of us! The bad news is: you’ve got cracked glass on the back of your iPhone, which is about to make things painful for your fingers.

Even if your phone’s back glass has only a little crack or chip, it can quickly expand and do additional harm to your device. Not only can fractured rear glass slice your hands and fingers, but it will also make it more difficult for you to operate your iPhone.

So what can you do? We answer some common questions to find out.

Iphone cracked glass back

Is the back of an iPhone real glass?

Yes, it is a real glass back on your iPhone, which unfortunately means you do have broken rear glass – but not a fully broken phone.

Apple calls its glass “the most durable glass ever built into a smartphone”, and they added it for both aesthetic reasons but also so that wireless charging technology could become integrated into the range.

Although using glass in the back of your iPhone makes it more fragile, the fact it is so durable means that even though the back glass is broken, the internal components of your phone are mostly still protected and any damage likely won’t result in you needing a new iPhone.

Is it necessary to replace iPhone back glass?

If you have broken back glass, or even cracked back glass it is important that you book in for a glass replacement. If you had a broken or cracked iPhone screen at the front you would, so why would the back be any different? You could still injure yourself with the sharpness every time you touch the phone, and it’s likely that the longer you go without repairing the broken glass the more damage you will incur because parts may fall off, leaving your phone at risk of more costly repair.

If you just have cracked rear glass, it’s also just as important to book in for a glass repair. Cracks in the back glass will likely get bigger, eventually also leading to parts of broken back glass falling out or injuring you.

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What options are there for iPhone back glass repair?

The best option is to take your iPhone to a specialist iPhone repair shop, but we know that that can come with worries like out of warranty prices forcing the glass repair cost up at the Apple Store, or even concerns as to how long you will be without your phone.

However, it is important that you get your iPhone back glass replaced at an authorised Apple repair shop. Doing it yourself could be risky if you do not have the correct materials, and the process is a delicate and fiddly one best left to professionals with gloves!

How much do iPhone back glass repairs cost?

Cell phone repair costs vary a lot depending on which model of iPhone you have. A good fix could cost you anywhere from $99 to $349 for an older iPhone, or as much as $599 for the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max.

However, if you use a trusted independent repair service (like ours!) your service fee is likely to be much more affordable as it can be tailored to your exact model and requirements.

How long will repairing my iPhone back glass take?

For iPhone back glass repair, you shouldn’t expect to be without your phone for more than a few hours. At most, you might need to leave your iPhone with the repair shop for the majority of the day, but most repairs take place in two to three hours.

Where can I get iPhone back glass replaced?

At XG Cell Phone Repair, replacing iPhone screens and iPhone back glass is one of our most frequent jobs! Whether you have cracked glass, broken back glass, or any other glass screen-related problems; we can repair screens across a range of iPhones and, if required, we can also replace the entire screen.

At our specialist Repair shop, we have adequate and qualified technicians who are well-equipped with the right tools for the repair of your device screen and we offer fast turnaround times.

Plus, due to the extensive range of iPhone models, we don’t have a fixed cost of repair for this service. Instead, we create each quote designed around what service you’ll need. If you need your iPhone back glass repaired, contact us today to get your free quote.

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