What to Do If Your Cell Phone is Not Charging

There can be multiple reasons for your iPhone or Android phone to not charge – faulty charging ports, short-circuited charging cables, faulty batteries or adapters, software issues, etc.

Here we have prepared some simple troubleshooting tips that will help you understand the main reason for the charging problems:

Cell Phone Not Charging

Tips to fix your phone’s charging problems

Some quick tips that will fix your phone’s charging-related issues at home, most of the time.

1. Try using a different wall outlet

Sometimes, there might be a fault in the wall outlet itself. So it’s good that you check that first.

Try putting your adapter in a different wall outlet in a different room. It helps you decide if the problem is with the adapter, cable, or phone not.

Like you will not want to take your phone and charger to the service center and then realize that the wall outlet was at fault, right?

2. Check the charging port for dirt

Once you come to the conclusion that the adapter and charging cable are working fine, the next step is to examine the phone’s charging port for unwanted dirt or debris.

You can easily do that by looking into the charging port and if there is some dirt, you can get it out using any tiny object like a toothpick. But be very gentle & careful and do not put too much pressure.

Another option is, to gently blow into the charging port a few times. Small dirt particles come out easily that way.

Check the Charging Cables

3. Check the charging cable

Also, do not forget to check the charging cable before taking your phone to the repair shop. Sometimes, the cable gets loose or the wires inside get unraveled.

It’s recommended that you switch the existing charging cable with another one and check if it’s working. If yes, you just have to get a new cable. You can temporarily borrow the charging cable from your friends or family.

And, in case you use wireless charging solutions, try charging your device using a physical charging cable and if it still doesn’t work, there’s something wrong with the cell phone.

Cell Phone Wireless Charging

4. Keep your phone plugged in for a long time

Sometimes, when the phone has been charged for a long time and the battery has been completely drained, it takes a while to charge for the first time after that.

Many cell phone repairers recommended leaving your phone connected to the charger almost for an hour. And, in case, the battery is completely dead, there are slight chances of coming up again.

5. Try restarting your device

Cell phones are mini-computers and much like your laptop and desktop devices need to be restarted to function properly, you should try restarting your device.

Restarting the phone also restarts the software and if there was some software glitch that’s causing the charging issues, there are chances that it might start working.

If your cell phone doesn’t charge even after restarting, it’s time to take the device to the service center or an affordable and certified repair shop like XG Cell Phone Repair.

If you have any related queries, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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