Should You Repair Your iPhone or Replace it?

iPhones are costly and a brand new iPhone model is waiting for you every year.

And, if your iPhone gets damaged do not just a new one. There’s no point in replacing the whole iPhone just because it has a minor defect.

It’s better to go for iPhone repair because it’s cheaper — almost any kind of issue can get repaired within $200-300 whereas new iPhones cost you ~ $1000.

Repair iPhone Not Replace

Most of the time, the followings are the faults that you might come across in your iPhone:

iPhone related issues

1. Battery issues

After a year, the iPhone’s battery starts to get low so quickly. Sometimes you even need to charge twice a day or sometimes it switches off even when 20-30% of the battery is left. And, that’s the time when you realize that you have faulty batteries.

But why would you buy a new iPhone just because batteries are not performing well? You can go for an iPhone battery replacement and it’d just cost you a few hundred dollars. Smart investment, right?

Also, here are some reasons when you should start thinking about replacing your iPhone’s batteries:

  • When you can’t power it on even after charging for hours
  • When the cell phone automatically shuts itself off out of nowhere
  • When you have to charge your phone several times a day
  • When the battery percentage suddenly reduces by 5-10%

And, all these problems can be solved by a simple battery replacement. You can look at our iPhone battery replacement prices here.

2. Charging issues

This is another common issue in iPhones these days and this costs you no more than $100, generally.

In case your iPhone is not charging the issue might be related to:

  • faulty charging port
  • faulty charging adapter
  • short-circuited or the broken charging cable

And, all these cases are easily repairable at affordable prices.

Check the Charging Cables

3. Buttons related issues

Due to repeated use, power or volume buttons on your iPhone might stop working properly and these are replaceable too.

If your power button or the volume rocker is:

  • Not doing what it’s supposed to do
  • It’s not clickable at all
  • It’s taking time to do the function after pressing

And, in all these cases you can easily get it repaired.

4. Camera or speaker issues

Sometimes due to water damage or any other kinds of accidental damages, the iPhone’s camera or speaker stops working properly. It rarely happens though.

And just so you know, your iPhone can be repaired even if your camera is not taking clear pictures or muffled sound is coming out of the speakers.

Broken iPhone

5. Damages due to a fall

Sometimes the iPhones can be slipped out of your hand and fall on the floor. And, in most of the case, there are either iPhone main screen damage or the back glass damage.

In both the case, you can get your front broken screen or back broken glass repaired at just $200-300.

That’s it.

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Start thinking about repairing your iPhones at a very low price for some minor damages instead of spending a lot of money to buy a new iPhone — it’s unnecessary.

Also, if you have a related query, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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