Used Phone Buying Guide – 10 Tips to Follow

This used phone buying guide will help you secure a good deal while buying a used iPhone or Android phone.

Because, apart from the price, there are many other things that you need to keep in mind.

Nowadays, getting a flagship cell phone costs a fortune and you will have to be ready to spend $1000 and that’s a lot of money.

While upgrading to a better device, buying a used phone in good condition is a great way to save some cash. To be honest, it is not just about the price, below are some factors to consider while buying a second-hand phone:

Used Phone Buying Guide

The Ultimate Used Phone Buying Guide

Research the correct price

If you’re getting the phone online, then it’s better to research the used phone’s price by searching online.

It’s not a good feeling when you come to know that the cell phone you bought is actually $100 lesser.

Check how many sites are selling the same phone and at how much price, and if the phone that you’re planning to get comes under this price then only finalize the deal.

Identify stolen phones

When you see a good used phone at an extremely low price which simply feels like a steal, then beware! it might be a stolen phone.

And, buying a stolen phone is a strict ‘no-no’.

You don’t want to deal with the police at a later stage for spending your hard-earned money on a device which has been reported as stolen or lost.

In order to avoid such unnecessary problems, make sure that the used phone seller provides you with a copy of the original purchase and warranty details.

Dial *#06# on the phone and you should be able to see the IMEI Number of the phone. Make sure that the IMEI in the phone and on the receipt is exactly the same.

Check for physical damage

Check for physical damage

Negotiating the price or setting up a meeting with the vendor is the easy part, now you have to inspect your phone properly before paying and leaving.

Check if the cell phone has any visible damage on the screen, backside, camera, speakers, buttons, etc. and decide whether you still want to buy the phone or re-negotiate the price.

Perform detailed technical testing

Now, it’s time to check all the technical things such as:

  • sound from both speakers
  • front and back camera
  • touch screen
  • Bluetooth
  • SIM card slot
  • microSD slot
  • finger print sensor
  • headphone jack
  • power button
  • volume buttons
  • charging port, etc.

And, in fact, try to use the phone’s each and every feature for the 15-20 minutes before paying and leaving the spot.

Examine the accessories and stuff

Accessories that come with the device should also be checked properly. Plug in the charger and see whether it is working properly or not.

Also, try transferring some by using the data cable and try playing some music to test the clarity and volume of the speakers.

Generally, the accessories that come with the device are:

  • charge adaptor
  • data cable
  • earphones
  • SIM ejector, etc.

Check properly and see whether everything is in good working condition or not.

Know the return policy

If you’re getting the phone online, then it is always recommended to read the return policy of the website that you’re getting it from because used phones have higher chances of failures than the new phones.

Most of the physical damaging in used cell phones is easier to identify but some specific software and hardware related issues take a few days to be identified. So, if the seller is offering 5-15 days of return period then it’s good to go.

check the battery backup

Check the battery backup

Often the used phones ship with comparatively lower battery backup because it’s used, of course. So, if you can use the phone for a day and test the battery backup and some other important stuff then it’s more than good.

You will be able to identify many problems as you use the phone.

And, if you find any problem with the battery backup you can drop the buying plan and if you’ve already bought then you can return it (if it has a return policy).

Used vs Pre-owned vs Refurbished Phones

Yes, all these 3 are a little-bit different from each other.

  • Used phones are those phones which are used by someone for some time but has not been repaired or fixed before re-selling.
  • Pre-owned phones are those which were either returned to retailer within the allowed period or has actually been used, and the retailer can no longer sell it as new.
  • Refurbished phones are the phones which was being used in the past but has been tested and repaired completely before re-selling.

Final Words

Some people do day that buying a used phone is not good, but if you follow all these used phone buying guide then you will definitely get a great deal.

There are many people who buy used phones online all the time and do not face any problems, but also, there are people who get scammed.

It is advisable that take proper time testing your phone and follow all the information provided in this post to avoid running into any kinds of problem.

Also, if you’re in Katy, Texas then you can always reach out to us for cell phone repairs at affordable pricing.

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