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iPad Air 2 Repair Services in Katy, Texas

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iPad Air 2 Screen Repair

Most of the iPad Air 2 repairs that we did had broken screen.

XG Cell Phone Repair offers fast and affordable iPad Air 2 Screen Repair service in Katy. Whether your device has:

  • only broken glass
  • only broken digitizer, or
  • both glass & digitizer are broken

We fix them all.

If the iPad Air 2 Screen just needs repair or needs to be replaced, we will first notify you in either cases.

You can book an appointment by calling us.

iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement

If your iPad Air 2 is not performing as it should then there might be the case that it has a faulty battery.

And, below are the symptoms of a faulty battery:

  • your device suddenly gets turned off at 10-20% battery
  • you need to charge your device 2-3 times per day
  • battery doesn’t last at all

And, if you notice any one of these symptoms then you should go for iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement.

iPad Air 2 Button Repair

There are multiple types of button related issues in iPad Air 2. Some of them are:

  • home button related issues
  • volume button related issues
  • power button related issues

The expert technicians at XG Cell Phone Repair provide the same day iPad Air 2 Button Repair services in Katy, Tx.

iPad Air 2 Repair

We offer other iPad Air 2 repair services too:

  • front & back camera repair
  • primary & secondary speakers repair
  • battery & screen repair & replacement

Got some other damage? No issues, just take your device to our store and get it back the same day.

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