iPad Pro 11 Repair

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iPad Pro 11 Screen Repair

iPads are good when they are still in your hands. But… when they fall they will make you cry. 😉

And, most of the time, the screen gets damaged by the fall.

At XG Cell Phone Repair, our expert technicians are able to fix iPad Pro 11 screen and make it look just like new.

Our iPad pro 11 repair services are affordable and we also offer warranty on all kinds of repairs.

iPad Pro 11 Battery Replacement

In iPad Pro 11-inch, followings are the symptoms that tell you need to get your battery replaced:

  • if the battery is draining too fast
  • if you need to charge your device multiple times a day
  • if the device shuts down at above 10-20% battery

All these cases imply that you should go for iPad Pro 11 battery replacement services.

iPad Pro 11 Button Repair

Whether it’s the power button or any other, iPad pro 11 buttons can get damaged after prolonged frequent use.

And no, you don’t need to buy a new iPad pro because a button is not working. You can avail our iPad pro 11 button repair services at affordable cost.

Visit our store at Katy, Tx and get your iPad pro 11 repaired the same day.

iPad Pro 11-inch Repair

We offer other iPad Pro 11-inch repair services too:

  • front & back camera repair
  • primary & secondary speakers repair
  • battery & screen repair & replacement

And, any other kind of damages are also taken care of by our highly trained staffs.

Most of the repairs are done the same day.

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