iPad Mini 6 Repair

If you‘re in the Katy, TX area and searching for an iPad Mini 6 repair service, XG Cell Phone Repair is the place to go! Our team of experienced technicians are on hand to quickly and efficiently repair your device. Contact us today to book an appointment, or if you have any questions. We look forward to assisting with all of your iPad Mini 6 repair needs!

Walk-ins are always welcome!

iPad Mini 6 Screen Repair

Have you accidentally damaged the screen of your iPad Mini 6 device?

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

At XG Cell Phone Repair, we offer all kinds of iPad Mini 6 screen repair and replacement services at affordable pricing.

Whether your screen has:

  • broken screen glass
  • broken screen digitizer, or
  • broken both screen and digitizer


Our experienced technical professionals can assist you in resolving all your issues.

Kindly visit our store at: 1603 N Westgreen Blvd #180, Katy, TX 77449

iPad Mini 6 Battery Replacement

No matter how cuttingedge the features of iPads become annually, their battery life never quite lives up to expectations.

We believe, no one is ever satisfied with the battery performance especially after an year.

If your iPad Mini 6 devices is:

  • shutting down at 10-20% battery
  • needed to be charged very frequently
  • draining battery like crazy

It’s the time to replace the battery.

We offer same-day iPad Mini 6 battery replacement services in Katy, Texas.

iPad Mini 6 Button Repair

Much like batteries, buttons also have a finite lifespan, and if they are used too often, they may begin to malfunction. In order to ensure that buttons remain in good working condition, it is important to use them sparingly and within the scope of their intended usage.

Some of the common iPad Mini 6 button malfunctions are:

  • they are taking time to perform the task
  • they are not working at all

And, in both the cases, your device can be repaired.

Avail our fast iPad Mini 6 button repair services now.

iPad Mini 6 Repair

We offer other iPad Mini 6 repair services too:

And, any other kind of damages are also taken care of by our highly trained staffs.

Most of the repairs are done the same day.

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