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iPad Air 3 Screen Repair

iPad Air 3 is the perfect tab that you can for normal usage – it’s the best.

But… we often come across multiple screen damage cases at our store.

We offer the most affordable and fast iPad Air 3 repair services in Katy, Texas. Whether your iPad Air 3 has:

  • broken front screen glass
  • broken screen digitizer
  • broken both screen glass and digitizer

We repair them all.

After fixing your iPad Air 3 screen our expert techs make sure to return your device as it was new.

iPad Air 3 Battery Replacement

No matter how good iPad Air 3 is, their batteries are still not very good.

After use of 1-1.5 years, you will notice that the battery performance has degraded considerably. And, the symptoms are:

  • you need to charge your device multiple times a day
  • device gets off at 10-20% battery
  • battery drains very fast, etc.

And, here at XG Cell Phone Repair, we offer iPad Air 3 Battery Replacement services at a very affordable price.

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iPad Air 3 Button Repair

We might not realize but according to a study, an average American unlocks his/her device more than 79 times a day.

And, each time you unlock your device, you need to press the power button. After repetitive use, iPad Air 3 buttons (power button, volume button, home button) may stop working.

And no, you do not need to buy a new iPad just because the buttons are not working.

We offer fast iPad Air 3 button repair services, and you can get your device back the same day, just like new.

iPad Air 3 Repair

After using the device for about an year, you might start seeing some problems with your iPad Air 3 device.

And, XG Cell Phone Repair’s expert technicians are able to repair them all. Whether your device has:

  • iPad Air 3 front camera repair
  • iPad Air 3 back camera repair
  • iPad Air 3 charging port repair
  • iPad Air 3 speaker repair

You can book an appointment by calling us, or directly visit our store.

Most of the times, we repair iPad Air 3 devices the same day.

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