iPad Air 3 Repair

If you‘re looking for reliable and affordable iPad Air 3 repair services in Katy, Texas, XG Cell Phone Repair is the place to go. Our experienced technicians have the expertise and tools to pinpoint and fix any issue you may have, from broken screens and battery replacement to water damage and charging port problems. We want to make your repair experience as stressfree as possible, so we offer sameday repairs and competitive prices. Plus, we guarantee all our repairs.

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iPad Air 3 Screen Repair

iPad Air 3 is the perfect tab that you can for normal usage – it’s the best.

But… we often come across multiple screen damage cases at our store.

We offer the most affordable and fast iPad Air 3 repair services in Katy, Texas. Whether your iPad Air 3 has:

  • broken front screen glass
  • broken screen digitizer
  • broken both screen glass and digitizer

We repair them all.

After fixing your iPad Air 3 screen our expert techs make sure to return your device as it was new.

iPad Air 3 Battery Replacement

No matter how good iPad Air 3 is, their batteries are still not very good.

After use of 1-1.5 years, you will notice that the battery performance has degraded considerably. And, the symptoms are:

  • you need to charge your device multiple times a day
  • device gets off at 10-20% battery
  • battery drains very fast, etc.

And, here at XG Cell Phone Repair, we offer iPad Air 3 Battery Replacement services at a very affordable price.

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iPad Air 3 Button Repair

We might not realize but according to a study, an average American unlocks his/her device more than 79 times a day.

And, each time you unlock your device, you need to press the power button. After repetitive use, iPad Air 3 buttons (power button, volume button, home button) may stop working.

And no, you do not need to buy a new iPad just because the buttons are not working.

We offer fast iPad Air 3 button repair services, and you can get your device back the same day, just like new.

iPad Air 3 Repair

After using the device for about an year, you might start seeing some problems with your iPad Air 3 device.

And, XG Cell Phone Repair’s expert technicians are able to repair them all. Whether your device has:

  • iPad Air 3 front and back camera repair
  • iPad Air 3 charging port repair
  • iPad Air 3 speaker repair

You can book an appointment by calling us, or directly visit our store.

Most of the times, we repair iPad Air 3 devices the same day.

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