5+ Steps to Save Phone from Water Damage

Phones are smart, but not smart enough to survive water damage.

Still, if you follow proper methods and tips after quickly taking your phone out from the water, you can save phone from water damage or, at least, minimize the damage.

Obviously, the best way to protect your phone from water damage is to keep your phone away from the water or use a waterproof phone pouch before heading to the swimming pool.

Keep your phone away from the Swimming pool

In this blog post, you will find 5+ tips to save your phone from water damage (or any kind of liquid damage).

Here we go…

Save Phone from Water Damage

1. Remove from the liquid

The very first ideal step would be to take your phone out from the liquid as soon as you can. Because the longer it’s in the liquid, the more water or liquid to go inside the phone.

After taking out, place your phone on a cloth or paper towel and follow the further steps.

2. Turn off the phone

If the phone is already off, then it’s okay; but if it’s not then immediately turn it off.

Keeping it on might short-circuit the internal connections and brick your phone permanently making it useless.

3. Remove the attachments

If your phone has a protective case then remove it along with the SIM card and memory (microSD) card. Remove the back cover and battery too, if your phone can be opened.

Mostly, the newer phones can’t be opened but if you have an older phone then the back cover might be removed to take the battery, SIM card, and microSD out.

4. Dry your phone

You can use a towel or tissue paper to dry your phone but do not dry by rubbing it could push the liquid inside. You can also try vacuuming around the headphone jack, charging port, volume buttons, and speakers to suck the water out.

Do not shake, tap, or blow your phone with the blowdryer or anything; it can push more liquid to the inside areas. And, using a blowdryer can vaporize the liquid and send it further inside.

5. Do not put in the sun

No, this doesn’t work at all.

Putting your phone in the sun will make the situation worse as it vaporizes the water inside and it gets spread to the real sensitive areas.

Most people get immediate thought of putting the phone in the sun to make it dry, but it doesn’t work.

Try leaving a transparent water bottle with very little water in the sun, and see what happens. The water droplets will spread over the 100% surface of the bottle – the same happens in case of water damaged phones.

6. Put in the silica gel

Try burying your phone inside a packet of silica gel for 24-48 hours. You can also use a bag of rice but silica gels are better at soaking the water out.

Silica gels are great at sucking water from the phone. If you keep your phone inside a silica gel packet for enough time then it sucks the liquid from charging ports, volume buttons, speakers, and other cracks.

7. Turn it on

After following all the above steps correctly, you can take your phone out of the silica bag and try turning it on. If it doesn’t try charging it a little bit and then turn it on – it should work now.

save phone from water damage

What not to do

1. Do not turn the phone on immediately after the damage

2. Do not charge it

3. Do not shake or tap the phone

4. Do not press any buttons for no reason

5. Do not blow it

6. Do not rub the phone while drying

7. Do not put it in the sun

Final words

Following all the above-mentioned steps and turning your phone after 2-3 increases the chances of turning on your phone.

You can put your SIM card in any spare phone till then. If you don’t have a spare phone then you can try borrowing from your friends and family.

There might be the case that even after following all the steps, your phone doesn’t turn on; and in that case, your phone needs to be thoroughly examined by an expert. Because there might have been some other serious damage to the phone.

You can always get the phone to XG Cell Phone Repair, Katy Texas though. We have a team of highly-experienced and professional staff who will make your phone like new again.

Whether your phone requires iPhone X screen repair or any other repairs; we do it all.

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