Should You Repair Your Cell Phone? Or, Get a New Phone?

Answer to this simple looking question “Should you repair your cell phone?” is actually very difficult.

Some people will suggest you to get a new phone and avoid the hassles of running from shop to shop to repair the cell phone. And, some people will suggest you to not waste your money on getting a new phone very frequently.

It becomes really confusing to come to a conclusion about what you should do – repair your cell phone or get a new one?

Worry no more! In this article, we will discuss goods and bads of buying a new phone and repairing.

Should you repair your cell phone?

So, should you repair your cell phone?

Yes and no!

That’s the shortest answer but let us explain. It depends on some factors that you should or shouldn’t repair your phone.

When to repair your cell phone

  • When your cell phone is still not outdated

Phones are meant to fulfil your daily certain requirements, and it shouldn’t be something to show off or a kind of status quo.

If your phone model is not outdated yet, there is no point in bearing a heavy cost just because your old phone had a few minor problems. You can always get it repaired at a trusted cell phone repair store.

And, in most of the cases, you will only be spending less than 10% of the money that you would spend on buying a new cell phone.

  • When your cell phone is not heavily damaged

How much you will end up spending on the repair depends on the current condition of your phone.

Cell phone screen repair, battery replacement, buttons and camera repair are some of the most common repairs that do not cost you a fortune.

But… if your phone is seriously damaged (maybe screen + battery, camera, and all) then you might want to skip the repairing thoughts.

  • When you are tight on budget

Tight budget can be another reason to get your phone repaired because it’s obvious that the cell phone repairs cost a lot less than buying a new one.

Taking example of iPhone 11, if your iPhone 11 has both screen and battery faulty then it’ll cost you approximately $180 to repair. And, if you go to buy a new iPhone 11, it costs you around $900.

Clearly, getting your phone repaired is the best option if you’re on a tight budget.

  • When you have memories with the phone

If the cell phone was gifted by someone you care about, or it has a lot of memories related to it then it becomes necessary to get it repaired, no matter what’s the cost.

And, in that case, you must choose an experienced and excellent cell phone repair service provider to get your phone repaired.

When to get a new phone

  • When your phone it too old

First, how much old is too old? Generally, for cell phones more than 3 years is considered to be too old these days.

And, in that case, you should buy a new phone if the old one gets damaged because you might not find the parts or it will not worth it.

But if you’ve memories attached to the phone then you can try to get it repaired.

  • When you are bored

When you’re really bored by using your old phone, you might consider getting a new one.

But again, there will be another better model out the next month and you will again want to get the new one – there’s no limit to that.

  • When the phone doesn’t have requirements that you need

It’s the most reasonable way to get a new phone.

For example, if your phone doesn’t have an NFC option but you really need it then it becomes necessary to get a new cell phone. Or, maybe your old one has very little RAM which is not sufficient to run the certain application(s), you should buy a new one.

That’s it.

Everyone has different requirements for cell phones and it’s always suggested to do what’s reasonable and what really fits your requirements.

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