Reasons to Get Your Cell Phone Repaired

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, we use them all the time to achieve different kinds of things. Better to say, almost all the aspects of our lives now need our cell phones, whether it’s for:

  • banking
  • traveling
  • entertainment
  • learning
  • earning money
  • dating
  • communicating, and what not.

After all, it’s just a machine and some occasional glitches are very common — sometimes there are damages due to accidents and sometimes a few parts become defective due to prolonged use.

In case your phone becomes faulty, you have two options — either you can get a new phone (which is costly) or get the current one repaired (which is, most of the time, pocket-friendly and quick).

Not to mention, not all damages are worth repairing though. Sometimes it’s just better to get a new phone than to get it repaired.

Not all cell phone damages are repair-worthy but most of them are.

In this blog post, we will be explaining in what situations you should avoid spending the extra money to buy new phones and just a simple repair would get your phone working like a new one.

Cell Phone Repaired

Reasons to get your cell phone repaired

Let’s get through all the types of damages that can be easily repaired…

Cracked screen

When your cell phone accidentally slips out of your hand, most of the time it’s the screen that gets damaged. Generally, there are 3 kinds of screen damage that we see at XG Cell Phone Repair:

  • Broken digitizer
  • Broken glass, or
  • Both digitizer and glass broken

And, all these screen damages are completely repairable and that too at very affordable costs.

Camera damages

Due to water damage or a simple fall, sometimes cameras stop working properly. Sometimes, camera damages can cause the following problems:

  • your phone takes blurry pictures
  • the camera app doesn’t open at all
  • pictures are completely black or dark
  • camera app crashes all the time, etc.

And if you’re going through any of the above-mentioned problems, it’s time to take your phone to an expert technician before the problem becomes worse.

Speaker faults

Mostly due to water or liquid damages, speakers stop working or do not work properly — sometimes the main speaker, the earpiece, or sometimes the both.

All kinds of speaker-related damages are solved very easily. Yes, you won’t be able to get your speakers repaired but they can be replaced within minutes.

However, if the rest of the functions of the phone are working properly, you should try speaker water remover tools that generate a sound that flushes the water out.

Charging-related issues

Charging-related issues can arise due to frequent charging-discharging cycles — sometimes the cable becomes loose, and sometimes the charging port gets damaged.

Again, these charging issues are very common and can be easily repaired. However, before you take your phone to the repair person, here are the things that you should do if your cell is not charging.

Battery Charging

Battery issues

No matter how advanced today’s smartphones are, after a year or so they start underperforming and you need to charge your device several times a day and it’s really annoying. But the best thing, you don’t have to buy a new phone just because of that.

Some symptoms of a faulty battery are:

  • if you’ve to charge your device several times a day, and
  • if your cell phone dies even if 10-20% of the battery is still remaining

You can get your cell phone’s batteries replaced at a very affordable price if they are not performing as they should. Most of the time, it doesn’t take 10-20 minutes for battery replacement.

Volume & power buttons faults

Due to frequent use of volume and power buttons, they get damaged and do not function properly. Sometimes, they give a very late response, and sometimes they do not work at all.

All these kinds of cell phone button damages are the sign that you need to take your phone for a little tour to the technician. At XG Cell Phone Repair, we offer same-day repair services for these kinds of damages.

Unresponsive touchscreen

Sometimes the touch screen either doesn’t work at all and sometimes it gives a very delayed response. Most of the time, this happens due to water damage but sometimes also due to an accidental fall.

And, much like the cracked screen repair, an unresponsive screen can be fixed very easily too.

That’s it.

These are the very common kinds of cell phone repairs that we see at our store in Katy, Tx.

If your phone is in warranty then it makes sense to take it to the brand service center but if the warranty period has passed, they will charge you a lot. It’s better to research a good cell phone repairer in the local area and take your phone to them.

If you have a related query, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Also, kindly share the information with the people who you think might be interested in reading it.

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