How Apple Watch Repair Saves you Money?

XG Cell Phone Repair_How apple watch repair saves you money?

Got yourself a brand new Apple Watch? Congratulations on making a wise decision. This Apple Watch is not just a watch but a smart device slapped on your wrist. It is your fitness tracker, work scheduler, music player, and all rolled up in one. You have nearly 20,000 or more Apple apps that you can download on your watch. At least 40 apps can be downloaded immediately like Apple Music. Apple TV, etc.

Getting an Apple Watch is one thing, maintaining it is another. Like any other device or gadget, your watch can stop working and need repair. Then, you have to take it to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider if you want to fix it professionally.

Normally, Apple does not pay for any accidental damage. The repair costs for your Apple Watch can also be sky-high. How can you repair your Apple Watch at reasonable and affordable prices?

Learn these hacks that can save you money on your Apple Watch repair.

Before getting started, learn a little about Apple Watch repair

Some facts about Apple Watch Repair

Apple Watches are premium products. So, it takes a lot more to repair them at an Apple Store than at a third-party service center. Before heading to an Apple Store for the watch repair, make some cost comparisons to know the costs you might incur.

Secondly, if you do not have AppleCare+, your watch will be considered to be out of service warranty. This means your service fee will hit the roof.

So, always check these factors before you go for your Apple Watch Repair.

Factors to check before you opt for Apple Watch Repair

  • Is your Apple Watch under warranty?

If you have bought your Apple Watch recently, it might still be under product warranty and that can cover your repair or replacement costs. This is something you have to negotiate with your Apple provider as Apple does not mostly reimburse for accidental damage.

  • Is your watch covered under AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is like insurance that offers you accidental damage protection for your device for 2 years from its date of purchase. If you have AppleCare+, you can repair or replace your watch twice even if it is damaged by accident.

  • What is the model of your Apple Watch?

The model of your apple watch matters. Even for a cracked screen, the repair costs vary between models. For instance, the screen repair costs for Apple Watch and Apple Nike+ watch models range around $69. In contrast, the screen repair cost for Apple Watch Hermes And Apple Watch Edition are $79 or more.

All these factors matter a lot when you take your watch to an Apple store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. If you take your Apple Watch to a reliable third-party service provider, you can get it repaired for less.

Simple Hacks that can help you save money on your Apple Watch Repair

Be specific about the type of repair you want

Most often, you are so frustrated that your Apple Watch is broken that you hand it to the service center and leave. This is a gross mistake.

If you do not specify what repair you exactly want, they might make additional repairs and charge extra.

so, be clear about what repair you want for your watch and specify it to the service center.

Use your Apple Gift Card

If you have received an Apple Gift Card for your birthday or anniversary, why not use it to repair your watch instead?

Most Apple Gift cards are valid for the repair of Apple Products. Check if your card is valid for repairs and use it to save money

Opt for reliable third-party service providers.

Most people have apprehensions about entrusting their costly Apple gadgets to third-party service professionals. Yet, if you want to get your watch repaired at reasonable rates, these service professionals are the best. They can repair your Apple Watch at half the price of what an Apple Store would charge.

Not just this, they also offer cashback, refunds, discounts, and coupons for your repeated patronage.

If you want an affordable Apple Watch Service and Repair, look for a dependable Apple Service company in your town. Choose one that offers professional and reliable customer service with a fast turnaround and nominal pricing.

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