Cell Phone Batteries – Myths and Truths

You must have heard that if you follow certain tips and tricks then you can increase your phone’s battery life considerably.

How true is that?

In short – yes, there are some techniques which really improve the life of the battery. But… there are some myths too, which we’ll bust in this article.

Here, we will be talking about some tips and tricks to improve your cell phone battery life and some myths that you should stay away from. We will know some basic knowledge about batteries and discuss what’s fact & what’s fiction.

Cell Phone Battery Myths

Myths & Truths about Phone Batteries

Most of the people do not like cell phone batteries for their longevity. For real, batteries should last more but no – it doesn’t happen.

Let’s look at some of the myths-truths:

1. Charging batteries overnight damages them

You must have heard this from multiple people but it’s simply not true at all.

People say that if your phone is plugged in even after it’s at 100%, it will cause harm to the battery. Well, it used to happen in the older model smartphones without Li-ion batteries. Today, cell phones batteries are way better and they do not get damaged.

Also, if you see the charger side; once your battery reaches 100%, charging automatically stops.

So, this overcharging issue was a myth.

2. Batteries with higher mAh ratings last longer, always

Again, this is partially true.

mAh stands for milliampere-hour and these ratings do not actually tell how many hours your cell phone battery will last before recharging.

For example, a 1 mAh battery will provide 1 mA of current for 1 hour and a 100 mAh battery will provide 1 mA of current for 100 hours.

But all the phone do not consume the same amount of energy. If a phone has a larger mAh battery but it also consumes more current then the battery will not last long.

Again, it’s partially a myth.

High mAh - Not high lasting

3. Draining to zero before charging makes batteries last longer

Again, it’s not true for modern cell phones.

This might have been true for older phones without lithium-ion batteries. Nowadays, in an ideal world, keeping your batteries between 25-80% would be great. But, again… it doesn’t impact too much even if you don’t.

So, it’s a myth.

4. High temperature reduces the battery capacity

Yes, this is kind of true.

If you leave your cell phone near hot surfaces or directly under the sun for a very long time then, in the long run, it’s battery life will be seriously affected.

So, it’s the truth.

5. Charging without the original charger degrades batteries

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are very costly and you might have heard people saying that if you charge your cell phone without the help of original brand charger, the battery’s performance will degrade over time.

Well, it’s false but can be true at times.

There won’t be any problem as long as you use high-quality cables and the adapter produces the output that your phone requires.

Charge with Original Charger

Final Words

So, these were some common sayings about cell phone batteries, some of them were direct myths, and some were truths.

That’s it.

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