XG Cell Phone Repair Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Long story short – XG Cell Phone Repair, Katy, Texas now accepts Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins as a payment method for all the repairs.

We proudly announce that we are the first in Katy to start accepting Crypto. Meaning, you can now select BTC, LTC and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment at our store.

XG Cell Phone Repair now accepts Cryptocurrencies

Let us explain in detail…

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that is built using a technology called a blockchain. Decentralized means, cryptos are independent of banks and other traditional financial organizations.

And, Bitcoin the very first such decentralized digital currency which hit the market back in 2009.


Why do We Support Cryptocurrencies?

As, cryptocurrencies are very close to mass adoption, we’re using the latest technology to stand apart from other businesses. We want to reserve a spot on the train of growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

Beside that, followings are the main reasons to support it:

  • Businesses are going digital-only and cryptocurrencies are being a popular choice
  • It’s a decentralized system so it has lower transaction fees
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are almost instant
  • All the transactions are secure due to the blockchain technology
  • Protection from frauds like identity theft

That’s it.

So, whenever you visit XG Cell Phone Repair, Katy; feel free to opt for Crypto payment.

Any related queries are welcomed in the comments below.

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