5 signs it’s time to take your laptop to a repairs shop

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A laptop is not like a house or a car. It does not leak, creak, or emit fumes when it needs repair. so, how to know if your laptop does need some fixing?

There are ways to know if your laptop has major issues. For instance, it might take at least 10 minutes or more for your laptop to load. Or it might shut down abruptly while you are working. Sometimes, error messages might pop up. Or worse, your laptop might suddenly have a blue screen.

If you are a tech whiz, you might be able to fix some of the issues mentioned above. Yet most of these basic repairs are best handled by service experts. Only then you can prevent these issues from recurring again.

Know when it is a must to take your expensive laptop to the repair shop by reading the blog below.

5 Common signs that it is high time you take your laptop to a repair shop

The laptop is not charging

This is what happens to most of us. Either your laptop loses charge quickly and often. Or, it takes ages to charge. Or worse, it does not charge at all. This means that your battery is slowly dying.

On average, most laptop batteries last for 2-4 years. The way you use and charge your batteries also affects battery health.

If your battery is about to die forever, you will find a red X mark appearing on the battery icon of your laptop screen. If this does not appear, use third-party programs to find out how much battery life is left.

If you do not have at least a 10-hour battery life, it is best to opt for battery replacement. The only hitch here is that some laptop manufacturers have made it difficult for you to open the battery compartment. Then, the only option is to take the laptop to the shop for repair.

The other thing you can try is changing the adaptor cable. If your charging cord is not working, you can get it replaced easily.

Last of all, if your indicator light does not glow when you are charging, there is an issue with your charging port. Only an expert service professional can open this and repair it for you.

Random shutdowns

Is your laptop shutting down unexpectedly from time to time? Maybe, it is a battery issue. Or a screen error. It could even be something complicated that only a laptop repair professional can detect and resolve.

Blue screen

This is often called the screen of death. When your laptop shows you a blue screen, it is warning you that your system is developing major issues. This blue screen is a safety measure that Windows operating system undertakes to warn you of imminent danger to your laptop.

Since this blue screen is like a high0 alert error message warning you of the operating system or hardware failure, it is termed the blue screen of death. When you encounter this, rush to a repair shop with your laptop immediately.

Laptop heating up

Laptops do get heated up but if they become unbearably hot, it is time for you to sit up and notice.

Overheating of a laptop may be due to various reasons like blocked vents or a malfunctioning laptop fan. First, try to remove the dust from the vents using a hand vacuum. If it does not work still, the only option is to replace the fan at a repair shop.

You can also open the battery compartment and check if there is a battery issue like the battery heating up. You can also use a cooling pad to cool the laptop.

Whenever a laptop starts heating up, it is better to show it to a repair expert as overheating can cause permanent hardware issues.

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Broken screen

If your laptop screen cracks or breaks, you cannot fix it by DIY as they can even injure you. Also, any fixing you do on your own can make the manufacturer’s warranty null and void. So, it is always better to take a laptop with dead pixels to a professional repair shop.

Any professional repair shop will have the electronic tools to open the laptop and also the screen repair articles to remove and replace the broken screen. So, a broken computer screen repair is better done at the repair shop than at home.

Laptops are bound to experience problems with regular use. Be it major issues like graphics card or keyboard issues or simple software updates, it is best to enlist the help of professionals.

A good laptop repair shop will do everything from a simple cleaning service to big hardware upgrades. They will also offer you professional services within the nominal price range and minimal time of waiting.

Entrust your laptop to such a professional repair shop with excellent service at authentic charges.

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